About me

I was born in Barcelona in 1962.

I’ve been drawing, painting and forming art and handicraft pieces since my childhood. I consider myself as a multifunctional artist because, even if painting is my most common way of expression, I have been concurrently experimenting with other materials and techniques. After some intervals from 1986 to 1998, I resumed my art activities in 2003 with strength and illusion.

In my recent work I talk about nature in all his states, about life in all her points and counterpoints, about deep feelings. Always playing indistinctively with spontaneity, expression, calm, depending on the moment or the creative process’s state.

I recognize feeling devotion for fresh artworks, for brevity’s results. I like to insist and let myself be guided by every moment’s feeling when taking decisions or interpreting forms, colors, textures to use. But my work’s endings aren’t brief. It’s balance requires it’s study, meditation and appreciation for me to give my final approval. 


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